Individual 4 inch "Smash Cake"

Individual 4 inch "Smash Cake"

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An individual cake great for a gift or smash cake!  Pick a delicious made-from-scratch flavor and simple design choice.  Cake will be frosted in the buttercream that matches the flavor unless otherwise requested.  Click here for detailed descriptions of each flavor.  Click here to see examples of our Amycakes decor in each flavor.

Limited quantities available. Grab Bag cakes are cake flavors and sizes that we put into our baking schedule for last minute orders.  They are made fresh with less notice than we normally require!  For more flavors and sizes available with at least 9 days' notice, click All Options with More Notice

Choose from the following design choices:

Amycakes style--semi-iced with gourmet toppings to match the flavor. 
Classic Gourmet--fully-iced with gourmet toppings to match the flavor.
Polka Dots--Simple buttercream dots in the color of your choice
Rosettes-Small rosettes covering the cake (+$2)

You can choose to add a complimentary banner or fondant plaque.  Want to add a Specialty Banner?  If you are choosing a cake with at least 4 days' notice, add a personalized specialty banner for $5-$8 by clicking here.  

Each individual cake is about 4" wide by 2 1/2 inches tall and contains 2 layers of cake and 1 layers of filling.

Please allow page to fully load before ordering, so that all options are visible.


Travelling recommendations:  For cakes and cupcakes, keep the air conditioning on so that they stay cool on the way to your fridge.  Most cakes travel best on the flattest part of your vehicle, like a floorboard or back of an SUV (rather than a lap or a seat which is slanted).  If you are travelling more than one hour, it may be best to use a cooler with ice or ask us to freeze your product so that it arrives safely. 

Refrigeration Recommendations:
Cakes and Cupcakes: Our cupcakes and cakes are best at room temperature, but due to the real butter in our buttercreams, they can melt!  We recommend keeping them in the fridge until 1-2 hours before serving.  Then remove them from the fridge so they can come back to room temperature. Cupcakes are best wrapped if not eaten the same day as pick-up.  

Cake Trifle: Cake trifle is made with fresh whipped cream, so they are best kept in the fridge until serving

Cake Truffles: Our cake truffles are delicious cold or at room temperature, but we suggest keeping them in the fridge until serving.

Cinnamon Rolls and Cookies: Cinnamon rolls and cookies can remain at room temperature.  They are best wrapped if not eaten the same day as pick-up.  

Serving 2 or more days away:
Everything is made fresh at Amycakes, and we want your treats to remain as fresh as possible after you pick them up.  If you don't plan on serving your cake or product for 2 or more days, ask us to wrap and freeze it as soon as we complete it.  Then you can keep our treats in the freezer until 24 hours before serving.  Then please follow the above refrigeration recommendations.