Amycake(s) or Amycakes style:

A specific style of made-from-scratch cake made by Amycakes! Semi-iced (which we feel is the perfect amount of frosting!), these cakes are topped with gourmet toppings and/ or drizzles. Complimentary paper banners are offered with each Amycake if you wish to include a message. See all our Amycakes available online here.



Frosting, icing, or whatever you would like to call it, our buttercream is a cream-cheese buttercream blend, which makes it smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness! Unlike some bakeries' buttercream, Amycakes' buttercream is made with REAL butter (so beware the heat, it can melt!), but this delicious butter flavor is what sets it apart.



Similar to a pie filling, we cook fresh fruit down with sugar to make a delicious cake filling. There's nothing artificial about these fillings (or any of our treats, for that matter)!

Custom Decorated Cake:

Any cake that is not an Amycake is a custom decorated cake.  We can decorate these cakes according to your specifications!

Grab Bag Amycake:

A Grab Bag Amycake is an Amycake that we put into our baking schedule for last minute orders.  Since select flavors of Amycakes require 7-9 days notice, we like to provide customer with a few options that can be ordered with as little as a days' notice!  Grab Bags are usually offered in our most popular sizes, 6" and 8" cakes.  If you are feeding more people, several Grab Bag Amycakes will provide a nice variety of flavors and a nice presentation!

Layer Cakes:

Available in several round sizes such as 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”, layer cakes are about 4” tall. Unless otherwise noted, each cake features three layers of cake with two layers of frosting and filling in between the layer. Not to be confused with tiered cakes (see below).



We sure talk about this one a lot, don't we?  That's because we are proud that everything in our bakery is made-from-scratch!  Made-from-scratch means that we start baking with high-quality individual ingredients.  We don't use cake mixes, pre-made icings, or artificial ingredients.  It takes a lot of extra time, but we know you can taste the difference!


A creamy, fluffy filling made with fresh cream and other ingredients. Our Mousses come in chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter flavors and are used for our Trifles.



A rich, fudgy filling or drizzle made with real chocolate. Ganache can be made with white or dark chocolate.



Also known as semi-naked (or what we like to call the perfect amount of frosting), semi-iced cakes are lightly frosted with a thin layer of buttercream. You can still see some of the cake or filling through the frosting when the cake is finished, and when paired with gourmet toppings or drizzles, this creates a beautiful, rustic-gourmet look.


Smash Cake:

A little two layer, 4” round cake, typically given to a one year old to destroy on his first birthday. Smash cakes also make nice gifts for an individual serving.


Tiered Cake:

Two or more Layer cakes stacked on top of each other. (Not just stacked, mind you. We use dowels and cake boards and lots of love to support a tiered cake so it will be stable.)


Not a fan of buttercream?  (Though we have to ask, have you tried our buttercream?) Instead of buttercream, trifles are made with fresh whipped cream, fruit compotes, mousses or custards.  Three full pounds of delicious layers go into a clear decorative plastic bowl.  See all our trifle options by clicking here.