Pick Up Today-- Our Daily Sweets Menu

 Today's Menu:

Please give us a call to reserve one of our cakes or boxes of treats at 417-831-6095.  View the photos below to see what's currently available today.  Limited quantities available.  Feel free to stop in our store to see what's available, but some items (especially our full size cakes) sell out quickly.  You can also order online for tomorrow pick-up here.


Each day the bakers make a predetermined quantity of Daily Sweets, which are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. When we sell out of our sweets, we don't restock until the next morning when we bake the next day's daily sweets!  We are continuously baking a large number of custom orders--check out our advanced order pricing and order ahead to guarantee sweets in quantities of 6 or more (and get a price break from our Daily Sweets Pricing)! 

Weekly Menu:

6" or 8" full cakes (limited quantities)
Amycake Truffles
Cake by the Slice 
Cookies (Thursdays)
Cinnamon Rolls (Fridays)
Gourmet Trifle Cups (occasionally)