Cake Design Options

How to choose a design for your cake:

1.) Click on your desired Cake Flavor.  If the cake flavor has multiple designs featured on its product photo, then you have the option to customize that cake design.  (Some of our seasonal flavors are not customizable due to the decorative ingredients that enhance the cake flavor (i.e. coconut, apple crumble).

2) Under Decor, choose either "Amycakes Style (decorated to match the cake flavor, no customizations)" or choose "Upgrade to a Different Style." All of our cakes are frosted in the buttercream that matches the cake flavor, unless you choose a Buttercream Rosette option.  All of our smooth cake options are lightly-iced, which means some cake may show through.  We feature a Cake Design of the Month to match the season.  As we focus on taste and flavor more than anything else, we do not customize our cakes other than the options listed under "Decor."