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The Food Channel-May 2010

  • Amycakes Bakery
  • 18 May 2010

Amycakes is featured on The Food Channel!  Read the article "Amycakes: Baking up a Dream" here.

Amycakes: Baking Up a Dream

Little shop enjoys sweet success

That’s Amy McGehee’s story, but she’s no pampered princess. What Amy has loved to do all her life is bake. As a small child she knew she wanted to own her own bakery some day. That day arrived a few months back, when McGehee bought a little bakeshop in downtown Springfield, Mo., and turned it into Amycakes.

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Springfield Business Journal- August 2009

  • Amycakes Bakery
  • 09 Aug 2009

Nice article about the Bakehouse changing over to Amycakes!  Featured here in the Springfield Business Journal.

9/9/2009 10:34:00 AM
Opinion: Barb the baker passes torch
Rusty Worley

As someone who is married to a baker, works next door to a bakery and has lived the past three years two doors from a bread factory, I quickly admit my bias for those who rise early, knead dough and creatively tempt their customers.

Nonetheless, two feel-good stories need to be told amid a year weighed down by stagnant wages, slashed budgets and a surly electorate.

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