Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

  • Amy Bloodworth
  • 28 Jan 2020

Now's the perfect time to start planning for your wedding desserts.  Most couples book their weddings about 3-6 months out (or earlier!), but we take a lot of last minute wedding cakes too.  We specialize in taste and flavor more than anything else.  We want your guests to tell you it's the best cake they've ever had! 

Classic Tiered

You can choose between several of our beautiful (and most importantly, delicious) Amycakes to create a tiered cake.  You can do each tier a different flavor, or do them all the same.  We also have a few classic white wedding designs, made with our delicious house vanilla buttercream.  All of our wedding designs are available to ordered online.  Our largest tiered is a three tiered to feed 130.  You can always fill in with more servings with side Amycakes or cupcakes.  

-Amycakes Cake Table-

My personal favorite (the first cake table is of my wedding cakes)!  I love the look of multiple smaller Amycakes (our Amycakes are decorated to match the flavor, lightly-iced with gourmet toppings).  As guests walk around before the reception they can admire each delicious looking (and more importantly, delicious tasting!) cake and decide which flavors they are going to eat.  One of my wedding guests said he tried all 13 flavors of cake! 🍰  You can order 5 or more 8" Amycakes and get 10% off here.

 A Mixture of Both.

One of our decorators, Paige, had a great idea in doing a classic tiered cake surrounded by delicious Amycakes.  She included several of our amazing CHEESECAKE Amycakes.  That's right, cheesecake, layered in between delicious cake and fresh compote or ganache.  If you haven't tried one yet.....You. Should. 😊 You can read more about Paige's wedding cakes here (please note that Paige's tiered wedding cake design pictured above is no longer on our menu, but we do offer tiered Amycakes here.)

Cupcake Wedding or Dessert Bar

Cupcakes and bite sized desserts provide a beautiful presentation and make serving a breeze.  They are easy to serve and easy to eat!  A combination or our cupcakes, cake truffles, and cinnamon roll halfsies make a mouth-watering dessert table.

Where To Start?

So you have a wedding date, but are unsure about how to proceed?  Most bakeries offer cake tastings so you can try their cake.  Flavor is, after all, the most important part! 😋 We have a few options:
1). Take-Home Tastings--Taste our cake in the comfort of your home, make notes, and then get back with us or place your order online.
2) Would you just like some base pricing or information?  We understand!  Submit a Request with your wedding date, number of servings, and any questions you may have.  We will start by sending you our base pricing and information, and will continue to email you back and forth until all of your questions are answered.  We can provide you with a specific price quote this way, and you can even complete your order through our website links once we pin down the details.  

We look forward to working with you as you plan your special day! 💖

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