Our Favorite Things 2017

Our Favorite Things 2017

  • Amy Bloodworth
  • 30 Nov 2017

Amy's Grandma Hazel has influenced dozens of Amy's recipes, but Grandma's favorite thing is Amycakes Maple Pecan Take 'n' Bake cinnamon rolls! She likes to take them frozen to her home in Oklahoma, and heat them up individually for a breakfast treat. Or she'll serve them hot out of the oven to family around the holidays.

Katlin's favorite thing: Dark Chocolate Coconut Amycake. "It has the smooth, toasted coconut cake with decadent Chocolate Ganache between every layer. It's a perfect dessert for chocoholics like myself, or for someone looking for a scrumptious treat." --Katie McCall, our cheerful cake consultant, baker, and truffle queen. 









Meghan's favorite thing: "The coconut cream trifle is all of my favorite desserts layered beautifully together--coconut cream cake, homemade coconut pudding, and real whipped cream! I try to get all of the layers together on my spoon for the perfect heavenly bite!"--Meghan Roe, Amy's sister and biggest cheerleader. 💜

We will add to Our Favorite Things 2-3 times a week this Holiday Season. Visit our Facebook Page to see more!

What's your favorite thing at Amycakes?

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