How to Transport a Wedding Cake

How to Transport a Wedding Cake

  • Amy Bloodworth
  • 27 Jul 2020

Most people choose us to make their wedding cake if they are looking for a delicious tasting cake (or cakes!) over anything else. That’s our number one priority and we want your guests to be raving about the cake for years to come! But, we don’t deliver our wedding cakes. We did deliver cakes for years and we never had any issues. I’d love to pass on our steps and recommendations that allow us to send out many wedding cakes successfully for pick-up each week! This may seem like a lot of steps, but our cakes are like our babies. We want them to travel safely just as much as you do!

Step One:

Make sure your reception has fridge space. Unless you are taking your cake straight to an indoor air conditioned venue and are serving it within 3 hours, you will need fridge space. This is the most important step! REAL butter is what makes our buttercreams so delicious, but if it gets too warm your cake or cupcakes could get too soft and not look nearly as nice as when you picked it up. We know finding fridge space can be inconvenient, but the creamy buttercream makes it totally worth it.

Most venues will allow you to use their fridges for your cake or treats, and a lot of them have large or commercial fridges. But you’ll want to check with your venue on their fridge availability beforehand, and for larger cakes, you’ll want to make sure the fridge is large enough! (Click here to see how much fridge space you’ll need for each cake size. If your venue doesn’t have a large enough fridge, we recommend going with smaller cakes like our Dessert Bar, as the cake boxes can be stacked). Your cake needs to go straight to the fridge until about an hour or less before the reception starts (about 1-3 hours before serving), then stay in a cool place. For outdoor weddings, we still recommend keeping our cakes or cupcakes in an indoor area with air conditioning rather than outside, as they will melt in warm conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are travelling more than one hour, we recommending picking the cake up the date BEFORE your wedding, and selecting to have us FREEZE the cake so that it will transport safely.  Then place the cake in the fridge once you arrive so that it can slowly thaw overnight, then follow the storing instructions listed above.  If you are travelling more than 2 hours, we also recommend taking the cakes frozen the day before, but you will probably want to get smaller cakes so that they can be placed in coolers with ice blocks.  Perhaps consider our Dessert Table.  We have traveled with frozen 8" cakes up to 3 hours without coolers (with air conditioning) with great results.  But on hot days or longer trips the cakes could melt, so coolers with ice would be our safest suggestion.  For extra long trips, dry ice would be even better.

Step Two:

Make sure you prepare the right vehicle and space inside the vehicle. The vehicle should have a large flat back, or a large floorboard (check this link again to see the size of our various cake boxes to know how much space you will need). All of our cakes will transport best on a flat surface, rather than a tilted seat or a lap. Tiered cakes are too heavy for laps and do not do as well on an uneven surface. We recommend an SUV or car with a large flat back. Make sure that if your pickup person is picking up more items than just cake, that they leave enough room for the cake boxes. We do not recommend having a container/bin for your cakes as often they are too small and you risk damaging the cake when maneuvering the cake in and out of that container. It’s fine to wedge soft things around the cake boxes, just be careful not to smash the cake box into the cake/buttercream inside the box.

Step Three:

Keep the vehicle cool. Travel with air conditioning on (we even recommend this in the winter, but definitely keep the cake away from heaters!). Keep the AC on while we help you load the cake(s) into your vehicle. Go straight to the venue. If you have to make any stops,  please leave the air conditioning on, and make it quick!

Step 4:

Pass this info along to the person picking up your wedding order! We’d hate for them to arrive with a car full of wedding accessories and no flat spot for the cake, or for them to be planning to make fifteen more stops before the venue! 😰😉🍰

❤️Thank you for thinking of us for your special day!❤️

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