417 Magazine- January 2013

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Best Breakfasts

308 W. McDaniel St., Springfield, 417-831-6095

It’s no secret that Amy McGehee can make a mean cinnamon roll. In fact, her pillowy, gooey swirled wonders developed such a following that she had several requests for a take-and-bake form. She and her bakery team developed those, and now the rolls are only sold by custom order in pans of six and can be baked fresh in your own kitchen. The par-baked rolls are available in regular or maple pecan and come with instructions and glaze, so you can drizzle the delightful treats with glazy goodness while they’re still hot.  

Don’t Miss The...
Take-and-bake cinnamon rolls in maple pecan or regular with instructions and a tasty glaze

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